It's A Bonny Old Life

It's A Bonny Old Life

Hosted by: Bonny Snowdon

If you're a passionate Coloured Pencil Artist (or an aspiring one) who's looking to create their best work AND a joyful life you love, your'e in the right place because The 'It's A Bonny Old Life' Podcast helps to...

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Interview with Annabel Andrew, Co-owner of Bleiker's Smoke House and Bonny Snowdon's big sister

Episode #1

In this podcast Bonny Snowdon speaks to her sister Annabel Andrew about some of their happy shared childhood memories and the artistic foundations of their upbringing. Bonny acknowledges Annabel and her husband...
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Interview with Vicki Evans, Persuader, Supporter (and one of the kindest people you'll ever meet!)

Episode #2

In this episode of It's a Bonny Old Life, Bonny has the pleasure of speaking to one of her favourite humans, Vicki Evans. Bonny and Vicki met a few years back and Bonny is so grateful to have her positive...
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Interview with Lucy Hutchings Hunt, Digital Marketing Coach & Ninja Online strategist

Episode #3

In this uplifting episode of It's a Bonny Old Life Bonny Snowdon speaks to Lucy Hutchings Hunt, her Digital Marketing Coach & Strategist about the last year and the work they have done together on re-inventing...
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Interview with Susie Pearl, Writer, Coach & Author of The Art of Creativity and Instructions for Happiness

Episode #4

In this episode of It's a Bonny Old Life, Bonny Snowdon speaks to one of her most valued mentors, Susie Pearl on the importance of finding our highest personal potential, keeping our mental health strong and living...
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Interview with Tony O'Connor, Internationally renowned Equestrian artist

Episode #5

In this powerful interview with The Equine Artist Tony O'Connor, Bonny Snowdon speaks to the man who is one of the biggest inspirations behind her work. His passion for equine art, his professional accessibility and...
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Interview with Ian Peacock, Picture Framer extraordinaire (but it's Ben the office dog we all want to see!)

Episode #6

In this episode of It's a Bonny Old Life Bonny visits Ian Peacock, the Ripon-based Picture Framer extraordinaire who framed some of her very first pet portraits and has supported and advised her on her journey as a...
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Interview with David Fox-Pitt MBE, from the Ukraine Border

Episode #7

In this special bonus episode, Bonny talks to David Fox-Pitt as he works with Siobhans Trust to feed refugees on the border in Ukraine. David has been there for 35 days helping those in need as they come through in...
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Interview with Members of the Bonny Snowdon Academy

Episode #8

In this special episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny celebrates the reopening of her online teaching platform, the Academy, with a few kind words from a handful of her members. Bonny hears from Judy, who started...
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Interview with Alex Smallman, Founder of Ubermummies, Motivator and Exersise Guru

Episode #9

In this episode, Bonny sits down with Ubermummies founder, Alex Smallman, and talks about the similarities between their two very different businesses. Alex shares the story of how the Ubermummies business grew from...
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Interview with Ruth Hoyt, Nature Photographer, Coach and Public Speaker

Episode #10

In this episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny is joined by an incredible member of her Academy community, photography expert, workshop leader, coach (and much more!), Ruth Hoyt. Ruth shares the story of how she...
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Interview with Sema Martin, Pet Portrait Artist, Author and Art Business Guru

Episode #11

In this episode, Bonny is joined by the inspiring pet portrait artist, author of Art Is My Career, and new mum, Sema Martin.  Sema talks us through her lifelong love of drawing, explains why she decided to study...
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Interview with Gem Stone, Author of The Crystal Kids, Artist, Mum and Yorkshire Mermaid

Episode #12

In this episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny is joined by author, artist, mum, and fellow Yorkshire lass, Gem Stone. Gem talks about how her love of art and all things creative started from a young age and shares...
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