Interview with Vicki Evans, Persuader, Supporter (and one of the kindest people you'll ever meet!)

Episode #2

In this episode of It's a Bonny Old Life, Bonny has the pleasure of speaking to one of her favourite humans, Vicki Evans. Bonny and Vicki met a few years back and Bonny is so grateful to have her positive energy, endless kindness and moral support in her life. 

Vicki tells us about the exciting times she had living abroad in South Africa and Bahrain with her family when her children were young. As well as sharing about her adventures in teaching early years education around the world... and how 'messy play' is timelessly cross cultural and still one of her favourite things to do - even as an adult!  

In this exciting, inspiring and often poignant chat, Vicki shares with Bonny about her experience of the importance of community and companionship and shared conversation for creating a happy, joyful and meaningful life. 

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