Interview with Members of the Bonny Snowdon Academy

Episode #8

In this special episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny celebrates the reopening of her online teaching platform, the Academy, with a few kind words from a handful of her members.

Bonny hears from Judy, who started drawing at 71 after retiring. She talks about the fear of starting something new at a later stage in life, and tells us how she broke through barriers, improved her skills and gained confidence. Today, she takes on commissioned pieces, and Bonny has one of her drawings proudly on display in her own home!

We also hear from Karen, who struggled with her confidence so much when joining Bonny’s live sessions, that she didn’t dare turn her camera on in Zoom! Bonny explains how she slowly started to feel more comfortable and at ease in the Academy, and Karen shares how proud she is of the work she’s doing now, how much her confidence has grown in her daily life, and how it’s even helped lower her stress levels and improve her health!

Other members of the Academy also make an appearance, sharing their experience, their stories, and the reasons why they love being a member of Bonny’s community.

Plus, Bonny explains what new members can expect from the Academy when they join, including her Coloured Pencil Foundations Course, a collection of regular live sessions and hundreds of realtime tutorials, personalised critiques and the support of an amazing community of coloured pencil artists.