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Coloured Pencil Workshop

Sunday 27th August, 10AM-4PM (UK time)

Learn how to draw realistic, dense fur in coloured pencil, develop the skills you need to draw white subjects on white paper, and learn how to add colour to your piece to really make your subject stand out in this one day workshop.

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Super Simple Coloured Pencil Course

This course was designed specifically for complete beginners, including those who have never even picked up a coloured pencil before. Learn all about the available materials that I recommend for beginners, and learn two vital techniques for drawing in coloured pencil. 

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Mastering Realism with Coloured Pencils Course

Gain an understanding of the materials I swear by and learn my tried and tested techniques for drawing realistic features in coloured pencil with this 6-part course, which takes you step by step through how to draw a lifelike horse's eye.  

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From Petals to Paper Tutorial

Learn tips and techniques from coloured pencil expert Bonny Snowdon that will enable you to start drawing more realistic flowers. The tutorial is 6 hours long and is filmed in real-time with a live voiceover. Plus, all of the skills you'll learn are transferrable, so you'll be able to put what you've learnt into practice in your future drawings.

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Greyhound Tutorial

Learn Bonny's simple techniques for drawing light-coloured subjects on light backgrounds with the help of this tutorial. You’ll learn when and how to add light and dark values to your drawing, so you can add more realism to your piece.

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Realistic Fur & Eyes Focus Tutorial

Learn how to use the indenting technique to create realistic fur and eyes with this in-depth focus tutorial. Suitable for artists of all skill sets, this realtime tutorial teaches you the simple techniques you'll need to inject a spark of life into your coloured pencil drawings. 

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Online Coloured Pencil Workshops

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Every 3 months, I run one of my Online Coloured Pencil Workshops where I'm joined by a group of artists via Zoom as we draw a chosen subject together. Lasting two and a half days and with only 30 places up for grabs, these workshops are extremely exclusive and fill up very quickly. For a chance to grab a place at the next workshop, make sure you've signed up to my weekly newsletter. 

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Human Eye Workshop Playback

Learn how to master light and dark values and create drama in your coloured pencil drawings, with the help of this Coloured Pencil Workshop Playback, where Bonny gives you in-depth instructions on how to draw a human eye.

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Horse's Ear Workshop Playback

Learn how to layer coloured pencils to create more realistic animal drawings with the help of this One Day Workshop Playback, where Bonny will give you step-by-step instructions on how to draw a horse's hair and ears. 

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