Fire up your Coloured Pencil Skills and light up your life when you join Ignite, my inclusive, supportive, mentored community for Coloured Pencil artists.

The Ignite Membership opens to new members again in April. Make sure you've signed up to the waitlist before then if you'd like to join!


Fire up your Coloured Pencil Skills and light up your life when you join Ignite, my inclusive, supportive, mentored community for Coloured Pencil artists.

The Ignite Membership opens to new members again in April. Make sure you've signed up to the waitlist before then if you'd like to join!


Go from here... to here...

Go from feeling tentative, lacking in confidence and getting mediocre results in your Coloured Pencil artwork to feeling incredibly proud of your drawings, with a belief that you can take your art to the highest levels.

Hi, I'm Bonny Snowdon!

Artist, Tutor, Coach

I'm a North Yorkshire-based, award winning Coloured Pencil Artist and an artists’ mentor specialising in realistic animal portraits.

My mission is to help as many coloured pencil artists as possible realise their dreams, reach their full potential, and create amazing, lifelike drawings they can be proud of.

Learn with me in my Ignite membership community


Foundations Course


My signature Coloured Pencil Foundations course is designed to give beginner artists everything they need to draw realistic animals with confidence. For more experienced artists, it’s a great refresher and reminder of the basic elements of realism, taking you back through the basics to strengthen and enhance your existing skills. With brand new tutorials showcasing my tried-and-tested techniques, there’s a chance for everyone to learn something new.


Art Club


There's nothing better than getting together with a group of artists to share our passion for coloured pencils, draw together, and have a really good chat. My weekly Art Club is a tried-and-tested (and much loved!) place where you can meet new people, draw along with me and encourage each other along the way. With regular polls to choose the subjects we draw, Art Club is definitely the place to be every Tuesday afternoon.


Skills Club


Covering all of the areas we find challenging as coloured pencil artists, from colour theory to picking the correct reference photos, to drawing white fur and marketing your business. Sessions run for approximately 1 hour, and will focus on one specific subject. Join me in my studio once a month to really get to grips with the areas you need help with. Submit your suggestions for future sessions on our Facebook Group.


Business Drop In


Created for coloured pencil artists who run their own art business, or those thinking of starting one, my monthly Business Drop-In Sessions will help to guide you through the important stages of running a successful art business, from branding to choosing your target audience, pricing your artwork, marketing your business and more.


 Live Q & As


I want to make sure you all get a chance to ask any questions you may have, so I'll be running Q&A sessions every month to give you that opportunity. In these, there'll be a chance to discuss everything from techniques and materials, to social media and marketing your business. Whatever you need, we can figure it out together. Submit your questions on the Ignite Membership Facebook Group.




Join me in my monthly Confidence Sessions, where I help you find strategies to build your confidence and improve your mindset, not just when it comes to coloured pencils, but in every day life too. You'll start to understand why your confidence can drop, and I'll help you come up with useful, easy to use techniques to get you feeling motivated, proud and raring to go again.




Critique is vital to help you grow as a coloured pencil artist. Submit your work each month for the chance to get my feedback to aid your development. A video link will be shared at the end of each month, and I will fit as many critiques as I can into these sessions, to try and help as many people as possible.




You'll have access to at least 2 new tutorials each month, my back catalogue of existing tutorials and playbacks of my live sessions and additional videos, all with readable transcripts, subtitles and fully searchable. All of my tutorials are filmed in realtime with a live voice over. You’ll be given the chance to vote for your favourite subject each month in my members' only Facebook Group.



What's included in the Ignite Membership? 

  • Formula for Success
  • Coloured Pencil Foundations Signature Course
  • Weekly Art Club
  • Monthly Skills Club
  • Monthly Live Q & A Sessions
  • Monthly Business Drop-In Sessions
  • Confidence Building Sessions
  • Personalised Critiques
  • Realtime Tutorials and Step by Step Tutorial Guides
  • The chance to have your work displayed in one of Bonny's online exhibitions, which are released every 3 months 
  • The chance to gain recognition from Bonny and your fellow Ignite members in the annual Academy Awards 
  • Exclusive members' Facebook community
  • 10% members discount on external one day workshops
  • Members' bonuses at regular intervals throughout the year 

Imagine a place where you could achieve all this...

  • Improve your confidence and self belief
  • Create animals that look real and could walk off the page
  • Pick colours with confidence
  • Become better equipped to choose the right materials 
  • Be proud of what you've achieved
  • Draw without the pressure of everything having to be perfect
  • Let go of Imposter Syndrome and know that you are good enough and you can do it!
  • Improve your mental wellbeing
  • Be part of a supportive community
  • Successfully sell your art

Judith Wysocki

Bonny's teaching is immeasurable. With her words in my head and her by my side, I really do feel fearless. Not only do I learn how to improve my animal art, she also leads me down a personal growth path... She has changed my attitudes on life and confidence. In other words, this lady has made me FEARLESS!


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