Interview with Ruth Hoyt, Nature Photographer, Coach and Public Speaker

Episode #10

In this episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny is joined by an incredible member of her Academy community, photography expert, workshop leader, coach (and much more!), Ruth Hoyt.

Ruth shares the story of how she found her interest in photography by chance, and how exploring that interest led her to become a full-time nature photographer and photography coach to people of all ages, who is never seen without a camera in her hands.

She shares her stories of photographing birds and other animals, the unexpected surprises she’s encountered on photo shoots, and the joy that photography brings to her daily life. She also shares the four things she encourages others to look for when choosing photos to enter into competitions.

The passion she has for her art form is inspiring and, no doubt, by the end of this episode, you’ll find yourself reaching for your camera and heading out to take some photos!

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To find out more about Ruth Hoyt and view some of her fabulous photographs, click here to head to her website. You can also find her on Facebook here and Instagram here