Interview with Lucy Hutchings Hunt, Digital Marketing Coach & Ninja Online strategist

Episode #3

In this uplifting episode of It's a Bonny Old Life Bonny Snowdon speaks to Lucy Hutchings Hunt, her Digital Marketing Coach & Strategist about the last year and the work they have done together on re-inventing Bonny's coloured pencil artists' community and membership, Ignite.

Bonny shares how she is so excited by the revolutionary digital marketing ideas and tactics that Lucy has introduced her too as well as the new people, ideas and books. In turn Lucy shares not just some of her business experience, strength and hope but about how her hard won personal battles with a childhood eating disorder and alcohol addiction have made her stronger in all areas of her adult life. 

Bonny asks Lucy about her life as an ex-pat in the French Alps and about the transformational power of her regular cold water lake swimming and Lucy shares her best life and business confidence building tips.

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