Interview with Gem Stone, Author of The Crystal Kids, Artist, Mum and Yorkshire Mermaid

Episode #12

In this episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny is joined by author, artist, mum, and fellow Yorkshire lass, Gem Stone.

Gem talks about how her love of art and all things creative started from a young age and shares the reasons why she chose to study photography instead of turning in another direction. She talks about working as a photographer, beginning in a studio, then working for herself for over ten years, all the while thinking that she needed to get back to drawing.

She talks about the fear she had after not drawing for such a long time, and how she worried that, after such a long break, she would have lost her artistic abilities. She also explains why she describes herself as a “fickle artist”, and talks about the many different mediums she loves to try her hand at.

Gem shares details of how her book, The Crystal Kids, came to be and talks about the process of drawing the illustrations, creating her own font, and publishing the book. She also talks about the unexpected environmental impact that publishing a book can have, and explains the ways in which she has tried to make her book as environmentally friendly as possible.

Plus, she gives us an idea of what we can expect from her in the future, including amazing plans for her YouTube channel and the next book she’s busy dreaming up!

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If you’d like to find out more about Gem Stone, head to her website here, find her Gem Stone Creates profile on Instagram here and her Yorkshire Mermaid profile here.