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May 05, 2023
3 Free Coloured Pencil Tutorials for Artists Looking to Learn  - Bonny Snowdon Academy
I’m always adding useful new resources to my website for artists who are looking for guidance. I have a collection of free tutorials and free guides that can help you with everything from drawing realistic features to figuring out which pencils are worth adding to your toolkit. 
If you’re looking to find help from one of my free tutorials, keep reading to get an idea of which ones will help you the most…
2-Hour Tulip Tutorial

This is the latest free tutorial to be added to my website, and it’s perfect for anyone who feels like branching out and trying their hand at floral drawings. 

The tutorial is 2 hours long and gives in-depth instructions, so you can feel confident while drawing. You’ll learn how to use soft pressure to layer your coloured pencils, which is really important when adding realism. You’ll also learn how to work light colour over dark, so you can create lovely, clean colours that will make your drawing look all the more realistic. 

If you’d like to learn how to draw a realistic tulip in coloured pencil, sign up for free here

If you’re passionate about flowers, sign up for my free 60-Minute Realistic Rose Challenge here.


40-Minute Dog's Nose Challenge

If you need some help drawing more realistic animal features, my 40-Minute Dog’s Nose Challenge will come in really handy. Again, this is another in-depth tutorial taking you through every step of the process in real-time with a live voiceover.

I’ll teach you how to use the subtraction technique, so you can add realism by not only adding colour but by removing it, and so you can easily create the tricky, bumpy texture and shine of a dog’s nose. 

To take the 40-Minute Dog’s Nose Challenge for free, click here

If you’ve mastered the art of drawing noses and want some help drawing life-like eyes instead, find out how my 45-Minute Cat’s Eye Challenge can help you and sign up for free by clicking here. 


45-Minute Perfect Paws Challenge

When it comes to drawing fur, it can be hard to know where to start without the right guidance. My 45-Minute Perfect Paws Challenge is perfect for anyone who feels they need help drawing realistic fur. 

This tutorial teaches you my simple techniques for drawing fur, gives you tips on how to work through those dreaded “ugly phases” of a drawing without losing heart, and helps you leave perfection at the door, so you can really enjoy the process of drawing. 

To find out more and sign up for the 45-Minute Perfect Paws Challenge for free, click here

If you really want to dive in and fight the fear of fluff, take a look at my free 30-Minute Cat’s Ear Challenge too by clicking here


I have so many useful resources on my website waiting to help artists of all skill sets. To find more,  you can click on “Freebies” in my menu or head to my YouTube channel, where I share tips, tricks and techniques each week. 


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