Bonny Snowdon's 40 Minute

Stop barking up the wrong tree and draw a realistic dogs' nose in coloured pencil

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Learn how to draw a beautifully textured, incredibly life-like dog’s nose in coloured pencil with the help of this free tutorial!

In just 40 minutes, Bonny Snowdon will show you how to easily create that tricky texture and use the subtraction technique to add that all-important shine, so you can draw a dog’s nose so realistic, people will expect it to actually start sniffing!

You don’t need any fancy materials, in fact, you’ll only need 2 pencils and an eraser to complete this drawing! You’ll be amazed at just how easy it is!

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Meet Your Teacher

Starting out as a failed art student in 1987, Bonny was hired as a tea girl in an advertising agency, then later taught herself to type and became a typesetter, before moving onto be a studio manager for a corporate Insurance company, then a leadership and coaching co-founder.

Now, a successful artist, coach and mentor with her own Fine Art business and incredible new online Academy, Bonny teaches students around the world to improve their coloured pencil skills and gain confidence, and shows people that no matter what your background, it's never too late to learn something new and prove your doubters wrong.

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You'll Learn:

  • Bonny Snowdon's simple techniques for drawing realistic features in coloured pencil.
  • How to use an eraser to add to a drawing, not just take away!
  • How to use colour to create more life-like black features.
  • How to easily draw the tricky texture of a dog's nose. 

This Challenge is Ideal for:

  • Artists of all skill sets, especially beginners.
  • Those who need help creating realistic texture in their drawings.
  • People who need help figuring out how to easily add highlights to their drawings.
  • Those looking to create more life-like black features.  
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