Interview with Helen Carter, Artist and Teacher

Episode #35

In this episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny is joined by fellow artist and teacher, Helen Carter.

Helen talks about her artwork and explains how she finally took on teaching other people to draw after receiving encouragement from Bonny, as well as sharing details of running her first online workshop and its success.

Bonny and Helen discuss the joy that teaching brings them, talking about how rewarding it is to see someone grow not only as an artist but in confidence too. They also discuss their love for coloured pencils, and Helen explains why she likes to try lots of different mediums, while Bonny explains why she feels loyal to coloured pencils and decides to stick predominantly with that medium.

Helen talks about a temporary loss of faith surrounding her artwork that came due to a lack of direction, and she explains the decisions she made when navigating that loss. She also shares why she decided to stop taking on commissioned work, as well as giving an insight into her life as a carer for her husband.

They also discuss Patreon, self-development, their shared love of animals, and their favourite materials.

To find out more about Helen Carter, you can visit her website here, find her on Facebook here, and follow her on Instagram here.