Each month, Bonny showcases one of her amazing Academy members and awards them with the Member of the Month title. They may have been chosen for their kindness towards other members, the support they've given, the hard work they've done in the membership or for outstanding artistic achievements.  

Karen Simpson

Karen was one of my founding members when I launched the Academy. For the first few months, she joined my Zooms but never switched her camera on or talked. All of a sudden, she started showing her face and even turning her microphone on, and then she was joining in on every Zoom, asking questions and even came and joined me on one of my live sessions to tell her story. From being totally unconfident she has turned her life around in such an inspiring way. Now, she's selling her work, doing art fairs, and truly believing that she is an artist with something to say.

Confidence takes work and Karen has put the work in. I'm so incredibly proud and overjoyed for her!

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