Each month, Bonny showcases one of her amazing Ignite members and awards them with the Member of the Month title. They may have been chosen for their kindness towards other members, the support they've given, the hard work they've done in the membership or for outstanding artistic achievements.  

Niccy Simpson

Niccy joined Ignite right at the start of the Bonny Snowdon Academy, back in September 2021, and has been quietly supporting and helping other members since then but had never shared her own drawings until recently.

At the end of January she, as she said, “pulled up her big girl pants” and shared one of her drawings for the first time, which was this beautiful bumble bee, and I’m so incredibly proud! Her work is nothing short of amazing and I can’t wait to see what else she shares.

Niccy is just so considerate, kind and helpful, and I’m sure everyone else in the Ignite community will agree. A very deserving Member of the Month!

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