Each month, Bonny showcases one of her amazing Academy members and awards them with the Member of the Month title. They may have been chosen for their kindness towards other members, the support they've given, the hard work they've done in the membership or for outstanding artistic achievements.  

Teresa Haag Kent

Teresa lives in Kansas and is an extremely busy artist. A mother to seven children three girls, four boys, and grandmother to 12, although sadly one grandson passed 5 years ago. She also has two great-granddaughters and is about to welcome her first great-grandson this summer! What fabulous news!

Teresa is such a wonderful member of the Academy, not only joining in with Art Club and tutorials but encouraging and supporting other members of the community with her inspiring messages.

Her art expands beyond the Ignite community as she is a fundraiser and has donated some of her drawings to raise money for some amazing charities.

Teresa truly deserves this recognition as a really helpful, engaged, supportive member who has, we are sure, quietly helped other members too. What an incredible lady!

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