Each month, Bonny showcases one of her amazing Ignite members and awards them with the Member of the Month title. They may have been chosen for their kindness towards other members, the support they've given, the hard work they've done in the membership or for outstanding artistic achievements.  

Shirley Smith

Shirley is an outstanding artist and member who lives just up the road and over the hill from me here in North Yorkshire. Shirley has been an Ignite Member right from the start, as she followed me from Patreon and has just been the most fantastic member ever since! She is a regular in Art Club, and I have chosen her as Member of the Month because she is incredibly supportive of other members and always asks questions that end up being unbelievably useful conversations.

Shirley's work is amazing. She's always pushing herself out of her comfort zone, particularly when participating in the Coloured Pencil Mastermind we run in the Ignite community, and producing incredible works of art.

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