Free Coloured Pencil Guides

Download my free coloured pencil guides to start increasing your knowledge and developing your drawing skills today.

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Free Core Pencil Guide

Find out which coloured pencils I use most often and would recommend to artists of all skill sets, when you download this free PDF guide.

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Coloured Pencil Hints and Tips

Get help drawing everything from curly and wavy fur to dog eyes, dog noses, and leather in coloured pencil with this free hints and tips PDF guide.

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Materials Guide

Find out which materials I swear by and use most often with this complete guide. You'll find details of all of the different types of pencils and paper I use, plus erasers, sharpeners and more, as well as links showing you where you can buy them all online. 

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Coloured Pencil Starter Guide

 A short list of coloured pencils, perfect for beginners, showing the basic essentials for those just starting to draw animals. 

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Taking Photographs of Your Artwork

Hints and Tips PDF

Get help taking flawless photos of your artwork with this free PDF guide, where I share helpful tips and details of what equipment is worth spending the money on. 

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Choosing the Right Surfaces

Discover my guidelines for choosing a surface for a coloured pencil drawing, and gain confidence before starting your next piece. 

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Small Changes, Big Impact

12 Easy Steps Towards Making Your Art Business More Successful

Discover 12 easy-to-implement changes to make to your art business that won't cost you a thing, and will help you run a more successful, less stressful business.

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