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Think you can’t draw? Bonny Snowdon’s 45 minute cat’s eye challenge will show you otherwise.

Learn Bonny’s simple tips and tricks to create realistic drawings with coloured pencils in just 45 minutes.

Bonny will help you to create a realistic cat's eye that you will be proud to show off.

No special tools are required, just grab some paper from your printer tray or an old notebook, and a couple of coloured pencils from your pencil case (or whatever you can find lying around).

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Meet Your Instructor

Starting out as a failed art student in 1987, Bonny was hired as a tea girl in an advertising agency, then later taught herself to type and became a typesetter, before moving onto be a studio manager for a corporate Insurance company, then a leadership and coaching co-founder.

Now, a successful artist, coach and mentor with her own Fine Art business and incredible new online Academy, Bonny teaches students around the world to improve their coloured pencil skills and gain confidence, and shows people that no matter what your background, it's never too late to learn something new and prove your doubters wrong.

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You'll Learn:

  •  Tips and tricks to help you start drawing quickly

  •  About layering with coloured pencils

  •  The importance of light and dark

  •  That anyone can draw (including you) with the right support

This Challenge is Perfect for:

  •  People who want to draw but think they can’t, or have been too scared to try
  •  Those who always wanted to do art but felt discouraged or lacked confidence
  •  Someone who’s looking for a new hobby that may just become a passion and light up their life, as it has done for Bonny
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