3 Ways to Easily Create Line Art for Your Coloured Pencil Drawings | Top Tips

Oct 21, 2022
3 Ways to Easily Create Line Art for Your Coloured Pencil Drawings - Bonny Snowdon Academy
People often ask me how I create the line art for my tutorials, so I’ve shared a handful of videos over the years showing them how I do it. I always like to try out multiple methods, so I can give people advice on different techniques and help them find the method that really works for them, so I have videos showing three easy ways you can create your line art.   
Use Transfer Paper

With something like Tracedown Graphite transfer paper, creating line art is as simple as layering a sheet of Tracedown between your surface and a printout of your reference photo, then using a sharp pencil or an indenting tool to trace around the image. Once your lift your reference photo, you’ll see where the graphite from the Tracedown has transferred onto your paper, and you’re left with your line art! 

To find out how to use transfer paper, click here to watch my free YouTube video. 


Use a Projector

Another simple way of creating your line art is to use a projector. You’re able to project your reference photo directly onto your paper, and easily draw around your subject. 

This method is a lot tidier than using Tracedown paper, as there’s no risk of dirtying your paper with excess graphite, however, it is a more costly alternative. I recommend the Pico Genie Impact 2.0 if you are looking to invest in a projector, which is a much more reasonable price than others on the market. You can also use my affiliate discount code IMPACTBSNOWDON to save £10 at the checkout.

To see how I use this projector to create line art, click here to watch the video. 


Use Photoshop

I find this the simplest of all the methods, and it’s often the method I use when creating line art for my tutorials. With a little bit of Photoshop magic, I’m able to draw around my reference photo, then hide the photo, and I’m left with just the line art. 

Obviously, this method also has some cost involved, but, if you’re able to buy photoshop, I’d highly recommend it. It keeps things so easy! 

If you’d like to see how I use Photoshop to create my line art, click here. 


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