2 Live Draw Alongs to Improve Your Confidence and Learn New Techniques

Sep 15, 2023
2 Live Draw Alongs to Improve Your Confidence and Learn New Techniques
If you want to start drawing with coloured pencils or are just looking for a quick tutorial to transport you away from everyday life for two hours, then these live draw-along playbacks are the perfect free resources for you!


Learn to Draw Lifelike Dog Paws

The first playback will teach you the techniques to draw these adorable dog paws. It’ll help you to understand how to layer your pencils, guide you through creating lifelike textured fur, and help you to know how and when to add those all-important values!

Click on the video above to learn new skills that you can put into practice in your future drawings and create a beautiful drawing that looks as if it could walk right off the page.


How to Draw a Realistic Tiger’s Eye

This playback will guide you through the whole drawing of this gorgeous tiger’s eye, teaching you how to draw beautifully realistic glassy eyes and the techniques for how to surround them with soft and vibrant fur.

The focus of this tutorial is using light pressure and the careful application of colour, so by the end of the session you will walk away feeling confident you can create depth and realism in your future drawings.

Click on the video above to draw this beautiful tiger’s eye today!


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