2 Live Draw Alongs to Help You Learn New Coloured Pencil Tips and Techniques | Free Resources

Apr 14, 2023
2 Live Draw Alongs to Help You Learn New Coloured Pencil Tips and Techniques | Free Resources
Whether you’re a complete coloured pencil beginner or you’ve been drawing with coloured pencils for the past 30 years, these Live Draw Along events will teach you skills that are transferable to your future drawings, to really take them to the next level!


Draw Realistic Dog Eyes in Coloured Pencil:

This Live Draw Along will help you to achieve that all important shine in an animal's eye to really bring your animal portraits to life!

This video is great for anyone who struggles with using the correct pressure in their drawings and want to learn some simple techniques for soft and gentle layers to really allow you to add soul to your animal’s eyes.


Draw a Realistic Dog’s Ear in Coloured Pencil:

Creating texture in fur is something many people find difficult because they sometimes try to add every little strand of fur, which can leave you feeling overwhelmed, or don’t focus on the values and it can result in the fur looking flat. But, don’t worry because that’s why I wanted to really focus on teaching my easy layering techniques to build the fur’s texture in this Draw Along.

In this event I also wanted to share some of my tips for making the ugly stages of your drawing not last as long which will help keep your confidence up as you’re drawing, because we all prefer to look at pretty things…


These Live Draw Along tutorials really are designed for all skill levels so if you’re wanting to learn some new skills and build your confidence, make sure to have a go! If you would like to try some of my other Live Draw Alongs you can find them all in one playlist on my YouTube here.

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