Learn to Draw with Bonny Snowdon's

A short course for beginners in coloured pencil

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Learn the basics of drawing in coloured pencil and start creating beautiful artwork today! 

This course is designed specifically for beginners, aiming to help those in the early days of their drawing journey progress. 

You'll find out what pencils, paper and other tools are worth spending the money on, affordable options included, and Bonny will teach you how to layer and blend your coloured pencils to start achieving more realism in your drawings. 

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Meet Your Mentor

Meet Bonny Snowdon. Six years ago, Bonny's main creative outlet was the adult colouring books her daughter had given her as a gift. As someone who had had a lifelong love for art, finding this hobby opened the door to a whole new world for Bonny and changed her life forever. 

Now, a successful pet portrait artist and the tutor to over 2000 students around the world, she has made it her mission to share her love of drawing in coloured pencil with as many people as possible, helping to bring joy, confidence, pride and a sense of community into their lives. 

With Bonny's help, people around the world are learning something new, drawing beautifully realistic animals, and finding joy in the hobby or career they always dreamed of. 

Trusted by Coloured Pencil Artists Around the World! 

In This Course You'll Learn:

  • Why coloured pencils are perfect for beginners.
  • Bonny's recommendations on high-quality, affordable coloured pencils.
  • Which different types of paper are best for beginners and their main characteristics.
  • Two vital techniques, including layering and blending coloured pencils.

This Course is Ideal for:

  • People just starting out on their creative journey.
  • Those with very little knowledge of coloured pencils who are looking to learn more.
  • Anyone looking for a portable, flexible and mindful hobby that will bring them joy.
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