Join Bonny Snowdon for a One Day Coloured Pencil Workshop


- Learn how to draw realistic wings and fluffy feathers

- Develop the skills you need to draw lifelike birds

- Discover Bonny Snowdon's tried-and-tested techniques for drawing beautifully realistic animals

Join globally-renowned artist Bonny Snowdon on Sunday 30th June from 10AM - 4PM (UK time) for an in-depth coloured pencil workshop.

Learn her tried-and-tested techniques for drawing beautifully detailed wings as well as soft and fluffy chest feathers. You'll learn transferrable skills and techniques that you'll be able to take away with you and use in future drawings.

This workshop will run via Zoom. Places are limited and fill up very quickly, so hurry if you want to join Bonny on the day! 

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Meet Your Teacher

Meet Bonny Snowdon, the tea-drinking, dog-loving mum of three, with an incredible talent for drawing with coloured pencils.

With the help of the Bonny Snowdon Academy, which Bonny introduced in 2021, she spends her days teaching artists around the world how to draw realistic animals, gain confidence, and believe in themselves and their abilities.

While some people think you have to be born with a talent to be able to draw, Bonny could not disagree more. She's here to show you that, with the right guidance and a bit of practice, you can draw anything you put your pencil to.

Trusted by Coloured Pencil Artists Around the World!

What to Expect:

  • Step-by-step instructions teaching you how to¬†draw¬†a beautifully realistic Blue Tit
  • A relaxed atmosphere and time to ask a globally renowned coloured pencil artist questions
  • A¬†playback of the workshop¬†to refer back to¬†once it's finished
  • The reference photo, line art and a full materials list will be provided
  • The Workshop will run via Zoom

This Workshop is Perfect For:

  • Artists of all skill sets, from beginners to more advanced
  • Artists looking to¬†learn how to add more realism to their bird drawings
  • Anyone who feels they need¬†guidance with drawing realistic feathers in coloured pencil
  • Those wanting to learn¬†transferrable skills that can be used in their future drawings
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