Where coloured pencil artists from around the world come together to put the art in party!

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Picture this:

Walking into a room full of people and immediatelyĀ feeling at home.

Meeting the person youā€™ve only managed to speak to onlineĀ in person for the very first time.

The atmosphere in a room made up of amazing, creative people who allĀ share the same passion.

Tell Me More

Does this sound familiar?

  • I absolutely love drawing. Coloured pencils are my passion!Ā 
  • I'd love to meet new people that I can be creative with.
  • I'dĀ love to do something different and have aĀ completely new experience!Ā 
  • I'd like to finally meet my friends in person. We've only ever spoken online before!Ā 
  • I spend so much time drawing on my own, it would beĀ amazing to draw with company for a change.
  • If I couldĀ have a face-to-face conversation with aĀ real coloured pencil expert, that would really give my drawings a boost!
I Want These Things!

Questions About the Art Party

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