The Great British Art Party | What it's Like to Attend the Event

Feb 09, 2024
The Great British Art Party | What it's Like to Attend the Event

The Great British Art Party is such a fabulous event for so many reasons but I want you to walk you through the day so you can get a real understanding of how truly amazing it is to attend the Great British Art Party!


Imagine this:

You’ve just arrived at the most amazing hotel and, as you walk through the door, you can hear the hum of a hundred people all getting acquainted.

Maybe you’re a bit nervous. Walking into a room full of people is scary! But, as soon as you turn the corner, you see smiling faces, you hear laughter. You see someone across the room wave to you, and suddenly you recognise your friend, who maybe you’ve only ever spoken to in a Facebook group.

There are hugs, kind words, that incredible feeling that comes when you finally put a face to a name, and suddenly you’re perfectly at ease because it all feels so familiar.

You’ve found your tribe. You are at home.

Then, you’re ushered into a beautiful room, where you find your seat and open the most amazing box of goodies. It’s bright and it’s colourful, and you can’t wait to get stuck in!

The next thing you know, the woman whose voice you’ve got so used to hearing in live sessions and tutorials walks into the room and tells you how much creativity and coloured pencils mean to her and, for the first time, you realise just how much you have in common.

And then, it’s pencils at the ready, and suddenly the whole room goes quiet as everyone starts to focus. You can feel the concentration in the room. You hear pencils on paper. You listen out for the next instruction…

Before you know it, something beautiful is looking back at you from the page and you’re reminded of the phrase “Time flies when you’re having fun!”.

Everyone is busy admiring each other’s drawings and trading useful tips as afternoon teas start to make their way to your table and, as the conversation continues, you get to indulge in all sorts of delicious cakes and nibbles.

Everywhere you look, people are smiling, laughing, enjoying each other’s company and wishing they could do this every week.

You get the chance to ask Bonny your questions, and you finally get the answer you’ve been looking for and some advice you can take home. You know now how you’re going to overcome your latest challenge.

When it comes to saying goodbye, you wish the day didn’t have to end. You make plans to meet up with your new friends in the coming months and feel happy in the knowledge that not only do you have an amazing day to look back on, you have amazing days ahead…

Those of you who joined me in my first-ever Great British Art Party last year will know that what I’ve just said isn’t an exaggeration. That really is what the Art Party is like. It’s the most wonderful experience.

Being in a room filled with people who share your passion and enthusiasm for drawing is truly electrifying. There’s no feeling like it, and it is a gift that you will thank yourself for for years to come. And, although, in a few year’s time, you might not remember what we drew together or which cake you liked the best, you are sure to remember the people you met, the friends you made, and the joy you felt in such good company.


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