The Coloured Pencil Chronicles | Chapter Seventeen | May

May 26, 2023
The Coloured Pencil Chronicles | Chapter Seventeen | May

May has absolutely flown by and once again it has been a busy month at the Bonny Snowdon Academy with all sorts of exciting events having taken place!


New Family Member!

Perhaps the biggest piece of news is the Snowdon household has welcomed a new family member in the form of 6-month-old Maine Coone, Mirabel aka Mirry. We sadly lost our old girl, Peggy, right at the end of April so when the opportunity came up to adopt little Mirry we jumped at it and she has fit right into our lives so well. She is so playful and loves to climb up and hang off of high things, she isn’t even scared of all the mad dogs which is fantastic!


New Events and Drawings:

This month I drew these Camargue horses, that you see above, and I loved every second of drawing them! I love all my drawings but with these I was just really excited to draw them and teach myself to draw water like this, it was a lot of fun. They were actually a bit of a practice run for an extremely exciting event that, this month, I have given the go-ahead for which I currently can't say too much about, but I will say it's going to be in the South of France!

I have also set in motion the planning process for my first in-person event which I'm so giddy to tell you more about, you'll find out the full details in the coming months, but my team and I have had so much fun discussing all the planning that this month. Exciting times!


Live Session Guests:

The Ignite Members got to experience another incredible Business Drop-In this month with my brother-in-law Charlie Andrew running the session again, this time all around branding your business. He was the person who helped coach me when I first started my business and really played a big role in helping me get the business set up and he is such a charismatic and lovely man, so was able to give a lot of value to the Ignite community in this session.

I have also teamed up with the wonderful Susie Pearl and announced four small group sessions that she is going to be running over the next couple of months, which is so exciting and I know anyone who books a place is going to have such an eye-opening, incredible session. She is just brilliant and the woman who helped me to really deal with and talk about what was going on in my head when I was just pretending to be fine. I wouldn't be where I am without her which is why I feel so honoured that she has agreed to run these sessions for you all! If you would like to grab a space you can book one of the sessions here, but the spaces are very limited so please don't wait too long as I would hate for you to miss out and these sessions aren't going to be shared anywhere after the event.


To hear about more events from the month, including a trip to Amsterdam that nearly didn’t happen due to an obscene amount of dog sick… sorry, make sure to watch the full video at the top of this blog.

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