My Journey to Becoming a Successful Coloured Pencil Artist | Progress Tips

Aug 11, 2023
My Journey to Becoming a Successful Coloured Pencil Artist | Progress Tips

When it comes to progress we are all unique, progressing at our own pace. My coloured pencil progress was quite fast, so let me share some of the things I did that helped me to get to where I am today.


Making it a priority:

I started drawing again in 2016, having not drawn since I left education in 1987, and I have been able to progress rather quickly for a number of reasons. One being that when I first started, and still now, I was drawing an awful lot. I was really prioritising my art and when you're learning something new, putting the hours in is a surefire way to progress quickly, but also know where to focus your energy.


Be part of a community:

I am constantly looking for little ways to improve my work and being in a community of coloured pencil artists, you pick up things. So, I pick up lots of little tips from so many different artists that I then bring together and alter to my own style so that they suit me. The art world in general is so generous with sharing knowledge and so many artists are happy to share their tips and tricks, just like I do, so I'd highly recommend joining a community. If you would like to join a supportive coloured pencil community, you can join my coloured pencil Facebook group here.


Invested in professional critiques:

In 2019, I invested in some professional critiques from an amazing artist Aaron Gadd and what advice I received from him, I worked with and have passed on to all my students. The advice I got was to use a range of hues in your work, lost edges are important, and finish off your work properly! And now, I look back and think well of course but at the time someone offering me that information was so valuable and that's why I make sure to share it.


I continue to develop my work, continue to hone areas, and continue to strive to be the best me I can be for me! Perfection doesn't exist, so I never strive for perfection, I strive for being in love with my work, wholeheartedly enjoying the process, and being proud of the end result.

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