How Reading S.U.M.O by Paul McGee Will Help You Get More Out of the Year | Book Recommendations by Bonny

Jan 14, 2022
How Reading S.U.M.O by Paul McGee Will Help You Get More Out of the Year - Book Recommendations by Bonny - Blog - Bonny Snowdon Academy

So, 2022 is finally here and while we’re all, no doubt, thrilled to be settling into the New Year, still, there’s no denying that the past two years have been a bit unpleasant (and that’s putting it incredibly lightly), and I know a lot of people are struggling to get back into the swing of really looking forward to the year ahead after having lived through such uncertain times. The other day, I’d been thinking about this over a cup of tea, and was reminded of a book that has really helped me over the years, and decided I would share it with you all in hopes that it would help you make 2022 a little brighter. 

It’s called S.U.M.O by Paul McGee, and it stands for Shut Up and Move On. 

Now, I’ve know I’ve spoken about this book before; I discovered it in 2015 and I've been recommending it to everyone I meet ever since. Put simply, it's brilliant. It's a bit tongue in cheek, a bit lighthearted, but it really, really hits home. I always say, if you're struggling with something in life, this book is so worth a read.

To give you a bit of a synopsis, the book talks about how we, as people, often get hung up on things and can become caught in a particular mindset. Something unexpected can happen, and without really knowing what the outcome might be, we've already decided what will happen, because in our minds, if this happens, then this has to follow. And, thinking like this can often lead to us feeling upset, depressed or angry. 

So, what S.U.M.O delves into - in a very lighthearted way, I should add - is how we can set ourselves strategies that help us cope with these unpleasant, unexpected events, and avoid preempting the outcome before it's had a chance to unfold. 

The author talks about something he calls Sumo Wisdom, which approaches the idea that it may not always be the circumstances that need to change, but more your perspective of those circumstances. He also mentions the idea that what you focus on magnifies. And, oh my goodness, that certainly is true! 

Those of you that know me will know that I always try to look on the bright side of life, and my students will have often heard me encourage them to "focus on the positives". The reason behind this is (and the book goes into detail on this subject), when you focus on one positive aspect of your life, your artwork, your business, it's going to magnify, it's going to bigger, and it's going to get better. The same can be said on the flip-side. Focus on the negative, and it'll grow. 

S.U.M.O also has a section surrounding Martyr Syndrome that really resonates with me, which talks about how, when we're punishing ourselves, we're actually trying to punish someone else, but end up making ourselves feel really quite rotten in the process. 

Oh, and my favourite part - and, please, do excuse the language - is beware of BMWs, people who spend their lives bitching, moaning and whingeing. Admittedly, it's a little bit abrupt, but it really is a good point. Spending time with overly negative people never does you any good, and only helps to bring you down. 

I won’t go into the full nitty-gritty, but I will say, this book is a must-read for everyone. It’s so enlightening, and really has a huge amount to teach us about how we can live a more enjoyable life. And, I promise, once you’ve read it, you’ll be just like me and you’ll be telling everyone else how much they need to read it too! It’s that good! 

If you don’t have a copy of S.U.M.O, you can find it on Amazon. Follow my affiliate link to buy it here today.


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