7 of My Live Draw Along YouTube Videos to Watch When You Need Something to Do

Jan 27, 2021
7 of My Live Draw Along YouTube Videos to Watch When You Need Something to Do - Bonny Snowdon Academy
It goes without saying, most of us love a good day off. There's nothing like having the day to yourself, and having the opportunity to do whatever you want, when you want. However, sometimes it can be difficult thinking up something to do when you're out of the routine of work and everyday life. So, for those of you looking for something to do to make use of your spare time, I've put together a list of a few of my favourite Live Draw Along videos from my YouTube channel. They’re nice and long, so can take up a whole afternoon (or even two!) and keep you busy, while maybe teaching you something new at the same time.  


1. Live Draw Along | Vinnie, A Deerhound Puppy | Full Realtime Tutorial | Part 1 

This one has to go at the top of the list! My handsome boy, Vinnie, has already been drawn and enjoyed by hundreds of other artists. There are four parts to this video, equalling over 7 hours of real time tutorials, in which I’ll take you through every step of this drawing, giving you details of the pencils, paper, and techniques I’m using. 

Find Part 1 of this tutorial here.


2. Live Draw Along | Deer in Coloured Pencils

My most recent Live Draw Along, I recorded this on New Year’s Day. I chose a deer as they are meant to symbolise gentleness, mindfulness and kindness, which I thought was a great message to start a new year on.  

This is just a one-part tutorial, but lasts for over three hours, so there’s plenty of time to work in lots of detail and create a really lifelike deer.  

Find this Live Draw Along here.


3. Live Draw Along | Black Fur in Coloured Pencil 

This is a really useful tutorial if you’re wanting to improve your skills when it comes to drawing dark fur. I talk you through the initial layers and the colours I use, and hopefully help you get to grips with one of the more difficult shades of fur.  

This is another stand-alone video which is just over an hour and a half long, so is actually one of my shorter tutorials.  

Find this video here.


4. Free Virtual Workshop - Drawing Cat Eyes with Coloured Pencils 

This video focuses on another aspect of animals that can be hard to master. Getting eyes to look realistic is a key part of any animal drawing, and when they don’t go quite to plan, it can have a huge impact on your overall drawing.  

In just over two hours, I take you through how to draw realistic cat eyes from beginning to end.  

Find this Live Draw Along video here.


5. Live Drawing Workshop | Spaniel | Ear in Coloured Pencil | Part 1 

Another series of Live Draw Along videos to keep you busy for a day or so, there are five parts to this Spaniel tutorial, equalling almost seven hours in total. There really is so much detail in these videos too. I focus on those lovely ears, lifelike eyes, the nose and all of that gorgeous curly fur.  

Find Part 1 of this tutorial here.


6. Live Draw Along and Chat | Alpaca | Curly Fur on Drafting Film | Part 1

This happy alpaca was a lot of fun to draw, and if you’re feeling a bit blue, it’s lovely to see that cheeky smile looking up at you from your paper. Not only will he make you smile, he will give you a chance to tackle light, curly fur, which can be difficult. Also, I worked on drafting film for this drawing, so if you haven’t had a chance to work on that surface before, this will be a great opportunity to try something new.  

There are five parts in this tutorial, totalling six and a half hours, and loads of detail to keep you occupied.  

Find Part 1 of this Draw Along here.


7. Live Draw Along | Drawing Leather in Coloured Pencil

Something a little bit different, this Live Draw Along focuses on drawing leather instead of drawing an animal. This is great it you draw horses and want to be able to include things like nosebands and bridles in your drawings. It will even come in handy if you need to add a collar into a drawing of a dog or cat.  

This is another one-off tutorial, and is quite short at just an hour and a half long.  

Find the video here.

Hopefully these videos will help you fill your time and feel that you've made the most of your day, while giving you a chance to learn a new technique or two. If you like these tutorials, there are plenty of others on my YouTube channel for you to try. Just have a look around and see what takes your fancy.  

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