3 Testimonial Videos to Inspire You on Your Coloured Pencil Journey

Apr 07, 2023
3 Testimonial Videos to Inspire You on Your Coloured Pencil Journey
So many people don’t think they are capable of creating beautiful realistic animal drawings, but these three wonderful Ignite members prove that if you’re passionate about your coloured pencil journey, then with the right teaching and mindset you absolutely can!



In this lovely testimonial, Meredith shares her story of how she used to struggle with art at school and how she never thought she would be any good at art, but with the help of my tutorials she has created some incredible pieces of art and when you see her progress photos you will be amazed!

Click on the video above to hear about Meredith's inspiring coloured pencil journey.



Helen’s development from just one tutorial is incredible! It’s so lovely to see how my simple tips and techniques can impact someone’s artwork and skill level so quickly. She talks about the support she has received since being a member, both from myself and the Ignite community, and how she is now using all of her new skills and knowledge in her commissions.

To see Helen's jaw-dropping first tutorial piece, click on the video above.



Suzanne shares the amazing progress she was able to make in just one month of being an Ignite Member and to see the difference in her artwork is fantastic. She proves that age is just a number as now at 70 years old, and heading into retirement, she is looking to make coloured pencils her new career!

To see Suzanne's amazing one-month progress, click on the video above.


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