3 More Free Resources to Help Coloured Pencil Beginners

Aug 18, 2023
3 More Free Resources to Help Coloured Pencil Beginners
If you’re new to coloured pencils and struggling to know where to start, then firstly, welcome to the world of coloured pencil and secondly, do not worry! These three free resources will help you to know what materials are worth buying, how to choose the right surface, and learn some hints and tips to set you up for success.


Core Pencils List:

Knowing what art supplies to invest in is usually the first hurdle you need to overcome, and I completely understand it can be a bit daunting with so many options out there, which is why I have put together my free Core Pencils List. It tells you all the pencils I use most often and would recommend for all artists, no matter where you are on your coloured pencil journey. Click here to start creating your shopping list today!


Choosing the Right Surfaces:

Picking what surface to use for your coloured pencil masterpiece can be one of the next steps that is holding you back because you worry about choosing the wrong one or starting your drawing and then wishing you had chosen differently. I completely understand and that’s why I have created this free PDF guide to help you choose the right surface every time and start your drawings feeling confident you have made the right decision.

You can download the free guide here.


Coloured Pencil Hints and Tips:

Now that you know what pencils to invest your money in and what surface you’re going to draw on, it’s time to put pencil to paper so it’s probably a good idea to get some helpful hints and tips in your tool box to really help you hit the ground running.

I have created the free Coloured Pencil Hints and Tips PDF to help you with drawing all different things from curly and wavy hair, to eyes, noses, and even leather! So go ahead and download the guide here and start drawing realistic animal portraits that you can be proud of!


I have lots of other free resources available on my website here as well as on my YouTube channel where I add weekly videos with lots of helpful tips, advice, and recommendations which you can find here.

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