Interview with Jessica-Liz, Pet Portrait Artist

Episode #21

In this episode, Bonny sat down with a very inspiring young artist, Jessica Liz.

Jessica shares details of her background and her years of studying art at school, where she moved between several different types of art in search of what she was really passionate about.

She talks about the difficulties she faced when her teacher told her she shouldn’t move forward with the realistic artwork she loved, how that lack of support impacted her, and how she navigated the difficult aspects of life at the time. She also shares encouraging words and advice for other artists who have not been given the support they deserve.

Jessica talks about how she took up coloured pencils by chance in lockdown, how she felt when drawing for the first time, and the feeling of pride it brought her. She explains how her business as a pet portrait artist came about and she shares her incredible plans for the future.

She also shares the exciting story of how she was commissioned for a piece that would be gifted to Hilary Clinton, the obstacles she faced when making the decision on whether or not to take on the challenge, and she goes into detail about the day she met Hilary.

And, importantly, Jessica talks about her struggles with mental health, giving an incredibly insightful, heartfelt message to anyone listening who may have similar struggles.

To find out more about Jessica Liz, you can visit her website here, and follow her on Facebook here and Instagram here