Interview with Victoria Scotti, Equine Artist and Art Therapist

Episode #15

In this episode of It’s A Bonny Old Life, Bonny sits down with the incredibly talented equine artist, Victoria Scotti. 

Victoria talks about life with her family in Valencia and shares details of her time in New York while studying art therapy and completing her PhD. 

Bonny shares her admiration for Victoria’s sketchbook series and Victoria goes into detail about how they began as a simple Summer project whilst on holiday in Estonia. She explains how she used the drawings to develop ideas without feeling the pressure of finishing a piece. 

Victoria also talks about where her love of horses came from and explains the out-of-the-blue reason that led her to believe that becoming an equine artist was what she was meant to do. Bonny and Victoria discuss their shared belief that everything happens for a reason and share the reasons why they think other people should listen to what the universe is telling them. 

Victoria shares details of the art therapy work she still does and talks about her belief that everything an artist draws is an exploration of themself and the importance of figuring out what your artwork says about you. 

She explains how she approaches a new piece and how she chooses a medium based on each specific horse. She also talks about the value of doing what you love and finding time for yourself. 

Bonny talks about her plans for freeing up more time for herself in the future by creating some shorter, in-depth tutorials for her students. They also talk about the challenges of drawing specific furs and colours, and they discuss their unique approaches to drawing. 

Victoria also shares some things artists can take into consideration to reduce stress and frustration and get more enjoyment out of the drawings they take on. 

If you’d like to find out more about Victoria Scotti, head to her website here, follow her on Instagram here and find her on Facebook here.