Step out from the shadows & shine a light on your coloured pencil drawings


Join Me on 21st December at 7PM (UK Time) for this Exclusive Live Workshop Event

I’ll show you how to inject the spark of life into your coloured pencil drawings, so you can start creating more realistic artwork that will take people’s breath away!

I’ll teach you how to draw a beautifully life-like hare’s eye in coloured pencil while helping you to understand why adding light and dark values is so important when it comes to creating realism.

The best bit is, we’ll all be drawing together, and I’ll be sharing my simple, tried-and-tested techniques for drawing animals in coloured pencil, so don’t worry if you’re still a beginner! You’ll have my help and guidance every step of the way!

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Meet Your Mentor

Introducing Bonny Snowdon, the everyday dog-loving, tea-drinking mum of three, with an incredible talent for drawing beautifully realistic animals. 

Bonny's journey with coloured pencils started in 2016 when a craze for adult colouring books hit the UK. From this, her passion and talent for drawing were ignited and, after progressing to drawing portraits of beloved pets for friends and family, Bonny has never looked back. 

Now, in 2022, Bonny has the pleasure of teaching over 2000 students around the world how to draw in coloured pencil and, with the introduction of the Bonny Snowdon Academy in 2021, she's helping artists to grow in confidence, learn new skills, and become a part of a truly special worldwide community.

This Event Will Help You to: 

  • Understand the importance of light and dark colours when it comes to creating realism
  • Inject the spark of life into your drawing and start creating more realistic artwork
  • Draw a beautifully life-like hare’s eye that you can really be proud of!

This Event is Perfect for:

  • Those looking to draw more realistic portraits
  • People wanting to take their artwork to the next level
  • Artists of all skill sets, whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced artist
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