Take your coloured pencil dreams from resolution to reality and kickstart an artistic journey that will last for years to come


Join Me on 11th December at 2PM (UK Time) for this Exclusive Live Q&A Event

Find out how you can turn your coloured pencil dreams into a reality with the help of this free live event. I’ll share the 3 main things that are really going to help you to kickstart your artistic journey and set you on the path to confidence, joy, pride and, most importantly, coloured pencil success!

You’ll even get the chance to ask me your questions, so I can really help you make a plan to reach your individual goals!

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Meet Your Mentor

I started drawing five years ago after picking up an adult colouring book for the first time and realising how much drawing helped me in my daily life. It was such an easy way to tune out the stress of everyday life and offered some much-needed mindfulness. 

Drawing animals happened by chance when a neighbour asked me to draw their dog, and I decided I was up for the challenge! Little did I know, that would be the spark that ignited my passion for drawing animals and now, five years on, I'm running the business I always dreamed of.

I am incredibly fortunate to be able to teach coloured pencil artists around the world how to draw, so they can find the joy that drawing brings me and experience a renewed sense of confidence and pride in themselves.

This Event Will Help You to: 

  •  Make a plan of action for 2023 and set measurable, realistic goals
  •  Look back on your achievements from the past year
  • Stay positive and get into the best mindset
  • Find out what support is available to help you on your coloured pencil journey

This Event is Perfect for:

  • Anyone who feels that they need help finding a sense of direction
  • Those wanting to improve their coloured pencil skills and grow as an artist
  • People looking for a renewed sense of joy and fulfilment
  • Artists of all skillsets, from complete beginners to those with more experience
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