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Develop your coloured pencil skills and gain confidence by joining Bonny Snowdon in one of her free live events.

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Free Live Q&A Event

Wednesday 22nd March, 7PM (UK time) 

Discover the key to igniting your passion for coloured pencil art and unlocking your true potential as an artist with this free live event, where Bonny will give you 3 simple areas to focus on in order to start seeing an instant improvement in your artwork and start finding more joy in every step of your artistic journey. 

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Live Workshop Event

Sunday 26th March, 2PM (UK time)

Layer your way to coloured pencil realism & draw simple, soulful eyes with this free Live Workshop Event, where Bonny will show you how to easily capture the character of an animal by teaching you how to draw beautifully soulful dog eyes in coloured pencil. 

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Live Draw Along

Sunday 2nd April, 2PM (UK time)

Ignite your passion for creativity and unlock your true potential as an artist with the help of this free Live Draw Along, where Bonny will teach you how to create fabulous, textured fur as you draw a realistic dog’s ear together.

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