Draw a Hare with Me and Start Building Your Confidence


Join Me on 1st January at 2PM (UK time) for this Special Free Live Draw Along!

Become a part of my coloured pencil community for the afternoon and join me in this exclusive Live Draw Along event, where we’ll be drawing a beautifully realistic hare!

For two hours, we’ll be drawing together, having a bit of a chat, and I’ll be teaching you my tried-and-tested techniques for drawing life-like animals in coloured pencil. You’ll learn how to draw striking eyes, wonderful whiskers, and lovely, textured fur!

You don’t have to be an expert, in fact, it’s not a problem if you’ve never picked up a pencil before! Beginners and more experienced artists are all welcome!

Don’t miss the chance to have a fun, laid-back afternoon with an amazing group of artists, learn something new as you go, and start growing in confidence from the minute your pencil hits the paper.

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Meet Your Mentor

Meet Bonny Snowdon. Six years ago, Bonny's main creative outlet was the adult colouring books her daughter had given her as a gift. As someone who had had a lifelong love for art, finding this hobby opened the door to a whole new world for Bonny and changed her life forever.

Now, a successful pet portrait artist and the tutor to over 2000 students around the world, she has made it her mission to share her love of drawing in coloured pencil with as many people as possible, helping to bring joy, confidence, pride and a sense of community into their lives.

With Bonny's help, people around the world are learning something new, drawing beautifully realistic animals, and finding joy in the hobby or career they always dreamed of.

This Event Will Help You to: 

  • Learn the techniques you'll need to start drawing more realistic animals
  • Loosen up when it comes to drawing and step away from the need to focus on every little detail
  • Gain confidence in your artwork and create a drawing that you can be proud to show off!

This Event is Perfect for:

  • Anyone looking to create more realistic animal portraits
  • Those looking to find good company with positive and supportive like-minded people
  • Artists of all skill sets, whether you're a complete beginner or a more experienced artist
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