5 Free Resources That Will Help Coloured Pencil Beginners

Jun 09, 2022
5 Free Resources That Will Help Coloured Pencil Beginners - Bonny Snowdon Academy
When you're just starting out with coloured pencils, it can be difficult to know where to begin, and sometimes you need pointing in the right direction in order to find out what technique, what materials and what help is available. Luckily, I have lots of free content just waiting to help you out! Read on to find out where you can find it...


My YouTube Channel

I have so many videos available on my YouTube channel that can really help you out if you're more of a visual learner. I try to cover a bit of everything, so there are videos focussing on lots of different topics. 

You can find videos that teach you how to use techniques that will really make a difference to your artwork, such as the subtraction technique, layering and the indenting technique. There are a number of colour recipes that show you which colours to use for animals like black Labradors and grey horses, amongst others. There are top tips videos on everything from creating line art to coping with the ugly stages of a drawing

Plus, I have Live Draw Along videos showing you how to draw lambs, horses, fluffy fur, dogs' noses, tongues and ears, metal and leather and much more. With these, you're able to see every stage of a drawing and learn as you draw. 

To start learning with the help of my YouTube channel, click here.


My Coloured Pencil Challenges

I currently have three Coloured Pencil Challenges available to sign up to for free: the 45 Minute Cat's Eye Challenge, the 45 Minute Perfect Paws Challenge and the new 30 Minute Cat's Ear Challenge

Each challenge is perfect for beginners, as they take you step-by-step through my simple, tried-and-tested techniques for drawing more realistic fur and features, while helping you to build your confidence and improve your skills. 

If you'd like to learn how to draw life-like eyes and give your confidence an immediate boost, sign up to the 45 Minute Cat's Eye Challenge here

If you want to find out how to draw realistic fur without spending hours drawing every little detail, sign up to the 45 Minute Perfect Paws Challenge here

And, if you'd like to learn how to use the indenting technique to add more realism to your coloured pencil artwork, sign up to the 30 Minute Cat's Ear Challenge here


Materials Guide

Something a lot of artists who are just starting out with coloured pencils struggle with is trying to figure out which materials they should be using. There is such a huge range out there, and just buying everything is a very expensive option! So, to help you navigate what's available, I created my Materials Guide, which lists all of the materials I swear by and use most often, so you can get an idea of what is worth spending your hard-earned money on.  

Here, you'll find out which pencils, paper, erasers, sharpeners and other tools I recommend to all of my students, and you can even find links showing you where to find them, plus discount codes on a couple of items. 

You can find my Materials Guide here.


Core Pencils Guide

Something else that is going to really help you when it comes to choosing which pencils to use is my Free Coloured Pencil Guide. Included is a full list of the core pencils I use most often in my animal drawings, so you'll learn exactly which pencils I really can't do without, as well as a few handy bits of information on each brand of pencil I use. Also included are four hints and tips guides, which will help you draw curly fur, dog's eyes and noses and leather. 

You can download the Free Coloured Pencil Guide here

Coloured Pencil Starter List

If my Core Pencils Guide is a little too in-depth and you're wanting to ease yourself into coloured pencils more slowly, my Coloured Pencil Starter List gives you an idea of the pencils I find really essential to creating realistic drawings. You'll find details of the four coloured pencil brands I love the most and which colours I use in nearly every one of my portraits. 

The Coloured Pencil Starter List is available to download for free here


I hope these free resources will give you the help you've been looking for and will help you start your coloured pencil journey on the right footing. And, if these aren't enough, make sure you're following me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, where I share regular tips, and sign up to my newsletter here for weekly inspiration and guidance. Plus, I'm working on an exciting new project specifically for beginners, so keep your eyes peeled over the next month for an announcement! 


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