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The 45 Minute Cat's Ear Challenge - Bonny Snowdon Academy

Fight the fear of fur & draw a fluffy cat's ear with confidence

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Wondering how to draw realistic cat's ears in no time? This 30 Minute Cat's Ear Challenge will show you how!

Learn Bonny Snowdon's easy techniques for drawing life-like cat's ears with this tutorial, created especially for beginners who feel overwhelmed thinking about how they'll draw all of that detail! 

Bonny will show you how to use the indenting technique and layer colours to create beautifully realistic fur without any stress and without spending hours drawing every little detail. 

You don't need any special materials. Bonny only uses 7 coloured pencils in this tutorial, and she will show you which household items you can put to use for the indenting technique! 

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Meet Your Instructor

Say hello to Bonny Snowdon, the animal-loving, tea-drinking mum of three, with an incredible talent for drawing beautifully realistic animals. 

Bonny's love for coloured pencils started in 2016 when her daughter bought her an adult colouring book. From this, her passion and talent for drawing were ignited and, after progressing to drawing portraits of beloved pets for friends and family, Bonny has never looked back. 

Now, Bonny teaches over 2000 students around the world how to draw in coloured pencil and, with the introduction of the Bonny Snowdon Academy in 2021, she's helping artists to grow in confidence, learn new skills, and become a part of a truly special worldwide community.

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You'll Learn:

  • How to use the indenting technique to create fabulous, realistic fur.
  • When to add your light and dark coloured pencils.
  • How to layer coloured pencils to create realism.

This Challenge is Perfect for:

  • Artists of all skillsets, from complete beginners to more experienced artists.
  • Those who feel overwhelmed when they look at the details of a cat's ear.
  • Artists looking to learn new skills and gain confidence.
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What Bonny's Students Have to Say...

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